Are you aLocal Expert?


How well do you know your Local Area?

Are you typically one of the following?

  • A social media Community Admin for a local information group.
  • A current or ex Holiday Rep.
  • An expat that locals gravitate towards when in need of info or advice.
  • Run/work for a local DMC and loves helping tourists with experiences
  • A current or ex local experiences/excursions tour guide
  • Someone with an established Local or Regional Network

What is Hangout on Holiday?

Essentially it’s a global communications platform for your local community to interact via Live chat with travellers to your resort before, during and after their trip.

Hangout on Holiday have launched a pioneering, Resort based Travel App that uniquely connects Travellers to Trips (Experiences), Places, Events, Offers and to other Travellers & local services in the Resort they are travelling to, via Live Chat, before, during and after their holiday.

What makes us unique, is the Live Chat facility within the APP.  Our goal is to have a "Hangout Local" connected to the APP in every Global Holiday Destination.  Someone that a traveller can contact to obtain useful hyper-local information.

Who's behind it?

Brought to you by the original team behind Europe’s leading Transfer provider Holiday Taxis, we are a management team of seasoned travel industry professionals (all ex Reps) and we’ve now created a really cool communications and revenue generating platform now being used by some of the world’s leading Travel Operators.

We launched our new App over 3 years ago to the travel trade (B2B) and it’s gaining significant traction with major Operators like Destination Services (one of Tui’s global brands) and Olympic Holidays whilst hitting the press on many occasions.

What is a Hangout Local?

Hangout Local  is someone that has a comprehensive knowledge of their local resort, town or village and would like to share their passion by either harnessing their own existing network or by building a community through the Hangout platform.

You would be our local collaborator, influencer, partner, local hero and/or resort expert who can be the eyes and ears of your community on our App.

Why do we need you?

Over the next month we will be launching a network of 'LOCALS' in Holiday Destinations who will then become a key part of helping to re-engage understandably nervous travellers with your local businesses.

Throughout the coming weeks/months we need you to post on the App, regular updates on how things are evolving in your community.

Once established in your community as our Hangout Local and once the travellers start to head back, you will  benefit from the commercial opportunities built into the App and be rewarded for your efforts. This will be in the form of a commission share on excursions, trips, events, experiences, car/bike rental and any other ancillaries guests want to buy in-App.

p.s. There is a huge opportunity to up-sell a white labelled version of the Hangout platform to local operators and suppliers. 

So what do we expect from a Hangout Local?

Local Knowledge

A great deal of local knowledge

Hidden Gems

Local Markets, Attractions & Events

Tech Savvy

Web, App & Social Media Savvy

Multiple Hats

Customer Services, Sales & Marketing


Passion for your Local Area

Helping Hand

Not averse to helping others in need


Excellent English, 2nd or 3rd languages a bonus

Hunger to Earn

Commissions from Excursions & Events

What are the benefits?

From Us

  • Full Support
  • Digital Marketing
  • Access to existing global / local partnerships
  • Virtual training
  • Marketing / Biz card templates for printing
  • Access to existing customer base via our B2B travel operator partnerships.

For You

  • Pioneering, Sophisticated & Global Platform to showcase your talents.
  • Grab the Headlines - Become one of our first global team of Hangout Locals
  • Get invited to Venues, Experiences and Events in your area.
  • Join a really fun company and be part of a fresh new way for travellers to communicate with locals whilst on holiday.
  • Claim your own destination as an 'individual local'
  • Harness / expand your own team across multiple destinations in your region.
  • Monetise your knowledge and experiences in your Resort

Continued Development

We are not stopping there either.  We will be adding new features and functionality, partnerships and collaborations all the time

We understand that no two destinations work exactly the same, so we want to hear from you about any new ideas that would improve and add value to the local experience.

We are now going to be able to offer local accommodation suppliers their own branded APP full of content that will give you an excellent new opportuinity to generate other forms of revenue.

By CLAIMING YOUR RESORT today and working with us you will become a fantastic ambassador for your area and will help build your Social Media community even further.

Is there any support?

Absolutely! You will become part of the Hangout Family.  When you claim your destination you will have access to a full support system.  We will work with you to help you get the most out of the platform and how best to promote the services on offer.

We will help facilitate you to be able to go on the excursions to get first hand experience.  You have access to the Hangout on Holiday website Blog to give yourself a great way of promoting your destination.

If there any issues with bookings then you can pass them directly onto the Hangout Support team to deal with.

Claim Your Destination

If you are interested in becoming the Hangout Local for your area then simply click the button below and send some details about yourself.  We need people from all over the world.